First State Bank of Colorado offers Internet Banking and Bill Pay Services to all consumer and business banking customers.  Any customer of the Bank may sign up for Internet Banking and Bill Pay services directly from this website.

To sign up for services you must be an established customer of the Bank.  Customers wishing to apply for this service may simply click either “Enroll” or “Business Enroll”, as appropriate, in the Online Banking Login section at the upper left hand section of this website’s home page.   By clicking “Enroll” the customer will be asked to agree to the terms of use, will then be asked to supply identifying information and will be asked to select which accounts they would like to access through the Internet Banking system.  The customer will then be asked to indicate if they would like to also sign up for Internet Bill Pay Services.  Once the application is electronically submitted it will be reviewed by a banker for accuracy, and if approved, the applicant will receive an email indicating that the services have been approved.

Features Available:   From the Internet Banking system, a customer may view account detail and history, transfer funds between approved accounts, sign up for E-statements, send a secure message to the Bank, and more.  Account information and history will be viewable from the date the Internet Banking account is approved, but will not display account details or history prior to the sign up date.  The Internet Banking system will display up to two years of account details and history, based on the length of customer use of the system.  External Transfers are available for a small fee.  This feature allows a user of Internet Banking services to schedule one-time electronic credits to accounts held in other financial institutions.

The Bill Pay Service is a separate service from the standard Internet Banking service.  This service carries a small monthly fee, which is disclosed in our Schedule of Fees.  Bill Pay functionality allows the customer to make payments to any company or individual established in the system as a payee.   Payments may be “one time” or “recurring” and every detail of the payment may be honed by the payee.  Payees and payments may be added or deleted at will and scheduled payments may be cancelled at any time prior to the issuance of payment.  The Bill Pay system has great flexibility and offers a cost effective solution to make bill payment fast and easy!

Mobile Banking:  Access your accounts anywhere, anytime with First State Bank of Colorado’s Mobile Banking. Check your account balances, transfer funds, track posted and pending transactions, make deposits and much more all at your fingertips.