Besides traditional teller functions such as handling customer account deposits, withdrawals and loan payments, your teller can provide you with the following services:

Account Print Out

If you simply need a print out of the account activity since your last statement, just ask your teller. Print outs are available for a small fee.

Credit Card Cash Advance

Per your instruction, your teller will conduct a cash advance on your behalf, drawn on any valid Visa®, MasterCard®, or Discover® credit card.  Teller initiated cash advances are “signature-based” and do not require a PIN (personal identification number).  Your teller will not charge you any fee for this service, although your card issuing bank likely will.  The card issuing bank is the party that sets access limits and if you have questions, we recommend you contact the card issuer directly.

Cashier’s Checks

Your teller will issue a Cashier’s Check per your instruction.  Cashiers Checks are not limited by denomination restrictions and are valid in both the United States and abroad.  Should a Cashier’s Check become lost, the check in question may be stopped and reissued after 90 days. 

MoneyGram™ Money Orders

Your teller will issue a MoneyGram™ Money Order upon your request.  These monetary instruments will be issued only upon the presentation of collected funds.  Please inquire of your teller regarding terms and fees.

International Currency Orders/Exchanges

If you need to order foreign currency you may do so through First State Bank of Colorado.  We will normally need to have your order no less than five business days before the currency is needed, in order to guarantee timely delivery.  The bank does not charge any exchange fees, only a mailing fee for delivery of the currency.  There are no minimum U.S. Dollar equivalents required to place an order.

Foreign currency may be exchanged at the Bank as well.  Again there are no minimum U.S. Dollar equivalents required for exchange back into U.S. currency; however, coins may not be exchanged.  There is a mailing fee for delivery of the foreign currency to our agent. 

Savings Bonds

Banks are no longer permitted to place orders for Savings Bonds for our customers, however, our tellers will be happy to redeem bonds for any customer of the Bank.  The Bank does not impose any fee for this service.  In order to place a Savings Bond order, please log onto the Bureau of the Public Debt’s secure website:   

Check Orders

Initial check orders are typically handled through our new accounts desk.  However, check re-orders (when checks were originally ordered through the Bank) may be placed by simply visiting a teller and providing your checking account number and the last check number in your possession.  Check re-orders may also be facilitated by calling any of our branch offices.  Checks may be ordered through outside vendors; however, in such cases the Bank will not be responsible for poor check quality or production errors.  When ordering through an outside vendor, please use Bank Routing Number 102101700.

Coin Rolling, Sorting and Redemption

(Hotchkiss, Westcliffe, Fountain offices only)

We are happy to sort, roll, and or redeem coin for our customers.  There is no charge for this service; however, due to the time intensive nature of this service we do not normally count coin while the customer waits.  We also supply coin rolling papers for customers to roll their own coins.

Collection Service

If you have received a check for payment and that check remains unpaid due to insufficient funds, you may present such check to the Teller Supervisor within six months of its issuance to initiate a collection process.  The Bank does not make any guarantees regarding the success of such collections and does charge a fee for the service.  Please refer to current Schedule of Fees. 

Notary Services

Notary services are available free of charge to customers.  Notaries are available at any of our branch offices

Fax & Photocopy Services

Our branch offices all offer fax and photocopy services at the rate listed on our Schedule of Fees.

Please note: All payment instruments must be purchased with collected funds.

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