First State Bank of Colorado offers free Automated Telephone Banking access to all customers.  This service is available 24/7 and is accessible in the Delta County area by calling 970-527-5700 or within the continental United States by calling the Bank’s toll-free access line at: 1-800-477-4772.  This toll-free number is not accessible outside of the continental United States. 

The Telephone Banking system allows you to access information on any of your deposit or loan accounts.  With Telephone Banking you can:

  • Check account balances.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Monitor which specific checks have cleared your account.
  • Verify automatic withdrawals from your account, such as automatic payments, ATM & Debit Card transactions.
  • Hear a history of activity on your account.
  • Verify that a direct deposit has been posted to your account.
  • Check on interest earned for interest bearing accounts.

Access will require a Personal Identification Number (initially the last four digits of the primary Social Security number or Tax ID number associated with the account). This PIN number will need to be changed to a 4-digit PIN of your choosing during your first access call.

The funds transfer option is set up so that all accounts tied to a specific primary social security number are automatically set up to allow funds transfer access.  In some cases, a customer may wish to set up funds transfer access between accounts not tied to a common social security number.  Such instances might include transfers between personal and business accounts; transfers between spouse’s accounts; transfers between parent and child accounts.  Such transfer access may be established by filing an Automated Telephone Banking Funds Transfer Request Form, complete with the signatures of all signers of all accounts affected.  Once this is done, funds transfer access between unrelated accounts may be permitted.